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Classic Pie Crust Recipe – No Shortening Allowed

Coconut oil in a pie crust recipe? Yes! The holidays are fast approaching, and there is no reason why you can’t make your own pie crust!  I’ve regularly hear people tell me that they are afraid to make their own pie crust. Afraid? Really? Okay, I suppose I get that because it is a delicate […]

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Mini Apple Galette Tart Recipe A'la Mode

Mini Apple Galette Recipe

Mini Apple Galette Recipe: A consolation for the early autumn The rain has certainly returned with no apologies. Whatever. Fine. We’ll adapt because that’s what we do here in Cascadia. Fortunately, there are consolation prizes for all this precipitation.Time to break out the flour, butter, and sugar and bake up a storm because nothing warms […]

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Classic Creamy Turkey Gravy Recipe

Just your basic scratch-made turkey gravy recipe Essential, basic, simple and wholesome. This is a modern take on classic creamy turkey gravy recipes, but it is better for you. Use it for your roast turkey breast, or make a massive batch of it for the Holiday feast.  The sneaky thing here is that the recipe […]

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Roast turkey breast recipe

Basic Roast Turkey Breast Recipe

A yummy roast turkey breast recipe…and how to use it As the prices at the store continue to spike, I’ve had to make countless changes to how I shop, just to keep wholesome food on the table. The ceilingless spiral up is downright discouraging and one of the reasons we’ve not been able to produce […]

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May 10th Date Night Cooking Class

I am super excited to teach this class! Come enjoy an evening of good food that you and your date help make at my next Portland Date Night Cooking Class.   We do the work so you two can learn something, eat like royalty,  and spend quality time together. This menu is all about the rich,  […]

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Date Night Cooking Classes

Thought you might enjoy seeing what happens at one of my date night cooking classes at In Good Taste. These were some of the things enjoyed by our guests 🙂 Mahi Mahi was not available for the class, we substituted rockfish with good results. Join me for a class in the future! Click Here to […]

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Getting the Cookbook Done

When I first started writing this cookbook over four years ago…I had no idea that it would take 4 years to complete!!  If I had known, I might have convinced myself to not do it, LOL. I’m being silly, of course.  There is no way I could have torn myself away from this goal!  It […]

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Hot Kitchen Portland Cooking Class Featured!

Our Valentine’s class has been featured in a local blog!! Visit our friends over at lovelakeoswego.com to see what’s happening around town on Valentine’s Day. I’m looking forward to sharing this terrific feast featuring romantic seafood and decadent beef wellington for my guests on Thursday. Most of all I’m looking forward to recreating this feast for […]

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Fun with leftovers

Leftover roast turkey + a handful of green beans + a bit of butternut squash + jasmine rice + hazelnut buerre noisette = My dinner tonight. It began with a roast turkey breast.  Just a simple butter basted preparation .It was cut off the bone for easy storage . Also found in the fridge was […]

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Finished perfect baked hotwings recipe

Super-Easy Chicken Wings (not fried)

Like a perfectly executed quaterback sneak, once again Superbowl Snuck up on me It is a big chance to indulge quiet love for chicken wings. Here is my fail-proof formula: Super Easy No Fry Wings Mise en Plas 12 – 16 whole wings 1/3 cup flour 1 tsp salt or seasoning salt 1 Tbsp cornstarch […]

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