Surprise Chocolate Macaroons

So,  I was trying to make 7 minute frosting,  and was doing fine until I decided to add 4Tbsp cocoa powder.

Now,  I know that chocolate kills meringue,  but I added it anyways,  hoping it wouldn’t deflate the frosting too much.

FAIL! It turned those stiff peaks into drippy batter.  So… in a last ditch worry to save the food I divided the sloppy mess in two and folded almonds into one batch and coconut into the other.

Baked them for about 25 minutes at 300°F and now have dozens of macaroons to send to work worth my sweetie.

The moral of the story is to not expect your meringue frosting to stand up to chocolate… and to make macaroons when you kill type meringue.

For the recipe and technique for 7 minute frosting,  please see episode #72, when I make it to frost the babycakes.

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