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Hot Kitchen is the work and passion of a happy couple.  We started the show after a walk on the beach where we talked about how much we missed working with each other, and how the Great Recession was killing the old “Date Night” tradition.

At that time we were dabbling in art and recipe development, so we decided to take it one step further.  It was decided then and there that we would produce a cooking show, and we would do it all ourselves.

Tracy and Wendy - creators of the cooking show Hot Kitchen

Tracy on the left, Wendy on the Right.

I graduated top of my class from Le Cordon Bleu Portland in 2004, and love to share my passion for really good food.  Since I could just peek over the counter, I’ve been cooking. For over a decade, I worked in the food and beverage industry. After graduating, I interned at two amazing restaurants, one being Wildwood, under James Beard Award winning chef Corey Schreiber, and the other was Mark’s on the Channel, run by a very gifted chef name Mark Allstetter. I also put in many years running the floors of various coffee shops, including Lovejoy Bakers at it’s peak in 2011 and a certain ubiquitous coffee chain for the better part of a decade.

Through the show, I get to indulge my lifetime of food-centric learnings through menu design, writing and testing the recipes, and then demonstrating them on our cooking show.

Teaching has been a lifetime calling.  It seems that no matter what I do, I end up in a teaching role, and truthfully, I love it.   For a little over a year, I also had the privilege of teaching at a local cooking schools called In Good Taste, but unfortunately, the school closed in late 2013. And wherever I work, I fall into a role that calls on me to train, teach, or coach others, so that’s the driving force behind this show!

During the day I am a project manager for a company named eZdia that specializes in large scale, nichey content development (aka copywriting), and I also occasionally guest edit for a group of developers that create iOS tutorials for RayWenderlich.com because I want to learn more about programming.  So, I’m a mix of nerdy, foodie, bookworm, and sassy extrovert.

Tracy is an artistic genius and the creative energy behind the production.  He directs the show, runs the camera (we use 1), visualizes the shots, edits, perfects, and produces each episode — simultaneously.  Tracy’s steady hand and astute eye is the secret behind our little show.  He has a background as an artisan in construction, musician, campaign manager, and more.  Currently he is the best cab driver in Portland.

Tracy has always had an interest in film and television production, having grown up in LA and mingled with some of the best in the business.  Hot Kitchen has also led him to explore and develop his skills through a variety of documentaries and music videos.   He is the “hungry hubby” who is behind the camera acting as camera-man, director, and producer.  He keeps the show flowing beautifully with his artistic vision.

We are not like other shows you seen on the Food Network or Cooking Channel.  We have no production company, no crew, and no nonsense!  Hot Kitchen is shot on location in our real kitchen.  The food we cook for the show is actually our dinner and we are actually real people who have lives beyond what you see in our production.


  1. I love watching your show Tracy and Wendy. I have made a few of your dishes from the many shows and they have turned out great! I hope that you continue to be on TV and all the best in your Hot Kitchen.


    John McGuire
    San Francisco, CA

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