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Hot Kitchen is the work and passion of a happy couple.  We started the show after a day on the beach where we talked about how much we missed working with each other, and how the Great Recession was killing the old “Date Night” tradition. Flash forward to 2020, when a pandemic is closing restaurants left and right, and people are stuck at home — our premise is more relevant than ever.

Tracy and Wendy - creators of the cooking show Hot Kitchen

We were so cute!

Since I was tall enough to peek over the counter, I’ve been cooking and experimenting with food. Then I graduated from Le Cordon Bleu Portland at the top of my class. Part of the coursework was internship, and I interned at two amazing restaurants, one being Wildwood, under James Beard Award winning chef Corey Schreiber.

I spent a decade in the food and beverage industry, where I managed coffee shop and a high-end bakery in Portland’s famous Pearl District, moonlighted as a head server on the local catering circuit, and finally, I was a chef instructor at a local cooking school.

Although I left the industry for more lucrative work a number of years ago, my love for good food has not faded.

Tracy has always had an interest in film and television production, having mingled with some of the best in the business as a child. During the show, his talents as a camera operator, director, and editor shined brightly. His talents allowed us to produce the show end-to-end without any outside help (apart from some donated sexy costumes and television distribution through local community media networks). In addition to running the tech, he played the “hungry hubby”.

Although we have stopped producing shows, we hope that you will enjoy our extensive library and our cookbook.

So be good to each other, and remember to turn up the heat in your kitchen too!


  1. I love watching your show Tracy and Wendy. I have made a few of your dishes from the many shows and they have turned out great! I hope that you continue to be on TV and all the best in your Hot Kitchen.


    John McGuire
    San Francisco, CA

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