Learn How to Cook Dinner for Two

Now that you're home all the time, it's more important than ever to make a point of spending quality time with your sweetie. Cooking dinner for two is one of the oldest tricks in the book to make a special date-night experience come to life.

And yes, you can do this!

Our shows are free from intimidation or snootiness, and our recipes use ingredients that can be found in most American grocery stores. Prep your ingredients in advance, pull up the show, and cook along with me!

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Featured Episode - Holiday Goodies Special

This episode features a lovely menu of 5 different cookies which, together, make up a perfect cookie plate for Santa (or your sweetie!) We are updating this page while adding the recipes to the blog, so check back for updates 🙂

Watch and learn how to make these cookies...

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Compatible with any device, our interactive cookbook for two includes nearly 300 recipes from the show and is organized into 70+ menus that are scaled down for two. Each recipe links to the original episode so you can watch and learn | Learn more >

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