What is (a) Hot Kitchen?

It's a kitchen that is full of love, passion, and romance.

It's your kitchen when you create unforgettable date night diners at home.

We have over 80 planned menus to inspire you!

And you don't even need to sift through ads and irrelevant life stories. We loath ads and try to get right to the point — the food!

How do I make my kitchen a "Hot Kitchen?"

Step 1: Browse episodes and watch enough to figure out what sounds yummiest, what order to cook things in, and to learn any techniques you don't already know.

Step 2: Get the cookbook and use it as your guide when it's actually go time.

Step 3: Mise en place your ingredients, set the table, dress up sexy, and get cooking!

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Our cookbook for two includes nearly 300 recipes and 70+ menus. Each menu is backed by a cooking show episode that you can easily find on this site — so you can watch and learn the perfect order to make the recipes and all the tips and tricks you need to make it taste amazing | Learn more >


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Here you'll find bonus materials, like our latest recipes, blogs, rants and musings and articles. Though our episodes are wholly focused on dinners for two, you'll find more diverse recipes and discussions here.

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