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Holiday Goodies Special – Christmas Cookies Recipes

This classic episode features five Christmas cookies recipes, which represent a range of cookie techniques, textures, and flavors to make the ultimate scaled-down cookie plate. These recipes work nicely together, checking off all the boxes you need to check to make a proper cookie plate:

  • Rum balls doused in powdered sugar
    • Tune in at 1:07
    • And again at 12:42
  • Grandma Lucy's Spritz Cookies finished with luscious buttercream
    • Tune in at 4:02 for the cookies
    • Then at 15:33 for the frosting
  • Gingerbread biscotti, which plays double-duty as the spicy gingerbread and twice-baked cookie
    • Tune in at 29:45
  • Cutout cookies that check off chocolate, mint, cutout, and sandwich cookies in one swoop
    • Wintermint Sandwiches (recipe coming soon)
  • Caramel, nuts, and chocolate to round out the tray. These are a deconstructed Turtle, which is a classic confection made from pecans, caramel, and chocolate
    • Turtles in a Shell (recipe coming soon)

There are some efficiencies built into to the menu, as there are in all our menus:  The Spritz Cookie frosting plays double-duty as the filling for the wintermint sandwiches. And the scraps from the Wintermint Sandwiches become the "shells" for Turtles in a Shell

Though it's vintage, this is still one of our favorite episodes. It took us three nights to film — we hope you enjoy and learn a thing or two as you watch.

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