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Blackberry Jam

Blackberry Jam Himalyan blackberries are an invasive species to the Pacific Northwest that I both love and hate.  I hate them because they take over and have these wicked thorns on them.  I love them because they are prolific bearers of beautiful, juicy fruit which I like to turn into jam. There is a grouping […]

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Hot Kitchen Rustic Nectarine Tart Recipe Demonstration

#76 Nectarine Hand Pie Recipe + Rustic Nectarine Tart

This cute little heart shaped hand pie recipe is from episode #76. Hand pies are finger friendly, miniature sized pies.  When it comes to date night, I always advocate for little, cute, finger friendly desserts that are as cute to look at as they are tasty.  Sure sometimes I’ll make a full sized cake or […]

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Cost Analysis for Episode #76

Hot Kitchen’s main purpose is to show you that you can make amazing high quality and nutritive dinners that replace going out to eat, so that you can spend true quality time with the one(s) you love. So with episode #76, I will start sharing an estimated cost analysis.  We will look at the estimated […]

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Beef Stock Formula

Beef stock is rich and dark in color. It will add a pleasant brown hue to any food, and a meaty richness. Use beef stock for dark soups, dark sauces, red wine reductions, to add depth to meatloaf, to braise rich meats and vegetables, as a supplement to pot roast, etc. Formula: 1:3 proportion of […]

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Fish Stock Formula

Fumet (French for fish stock) is delicate and light in color. It is ideal for making sauces for fish, or as a base for clam chowder or other fish/seafood soups. Use fish stock to moisten fish cakes, poach fish, season risottos, rices, vegetable purees, etc. Formula: 1:2 proportion white mirepoix to salmon bones Sweating in […]

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Chicken Stock Formula

This essential stock is also the easiest and most forgiving to make. It is rare that I have all three stocks stashed in my freezer, but I always have a chicken stock. This is because it is easy to acquire the bones, and chicken stock is delicious when made with or without mirepoix. Use chicken […]

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Coconut Oil

Coconut Oil is the oil extracted from the coconut.  A good friend introduced me to it, and recently I decided to add it to my pantry after ‘flirting’ with it for a couple of years.  After research and many taste-based and performance-based testing, I’m convinced. Benefits: -Pure Fat (no water) -High Flash Point, great for […]

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Hot Kitchen chocolate souffle recipe

#75 – John’s Chocolate Souffle

One bite of these awesome chocolate souffle shots and your sweetie’s heart will melt. Honestly I don’t know why we have not made a chocolate souffle recipe yet. Perhaps we were waiting for John’s souffle recipe to do it, lol!! John sent us this recipe via our facebook recipe contest and it won us over. […]

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