Fish Stock Formula

Fumet (French for fish stock) is delicate and light in color. It is ideal for making sauces for fish, or as a base for clam chowder or other fish/seafood soups. Use fish stock to moisten fish cakes, poach fish, season risottos, rices, vegetable purees, etc. Formula: 1:2 proportion white mirepoix to salmon bones Sweating in […]

Chicken Stock Formula

This essential stock is also the easiest and most forgiving to make. It is rare that I have all three stocks stashed in my freezer, but I always have a chicken stock. This is because it is easy to acquire the bones, and chicken stock is delicious when made with or without mirepoix. Use chicken […]

Coconut Oil

Coconut Oil is the oil extracted from the coconut.  A good friend introduced me to it, and recently I decided to add it to my pantry after ‘flirting’ with it for a couple of years.  After research and many taste-based and performance-based testing, I’m convinced. Benefits: -Pure Fat (no water) -High Flash Point, great for […]

Hot Kitchen chocolate souffle recipe

#75 – John’s Chocolate Souffle

One bite of these awesome chocolate souffle shots and your sweetie’s heart will melt. Honestly I don’t know why we have not made a chocolate souffle recipe yet. Perhaps we were waiting for John’s souffle recipe to do it, lol!! John sent us this recipe via our facebook recipe contest and it won us over. […]

#75 The Contest Episode

Episode #75 was a very special episode of our cooking show, Hot Kitchen. We put out a call on facebook for our viewers to send us their favorite date night recipes. All of our participants won a free copy of our e-cookbook Date Night at Home and winning recipes were to be featured on the […]

#75 – Recipe Contest Winners

This is a fun, different approach for us. We enjoyed testing and tasting the many entries we received. In choosing the winners, we had many factors to consider. The crux of the challenge was to put together recipes that work together as far as taste, timing, and to some degree-nutritional balance. Ulitmately, here are the […]

Pork Shoulder

A pork shoulder is an inexpensive cut of pork that is the ideal choice for slow roasting. It is heavily marbled, and boasts a nice layer of fat across one side. It also has a fair degree of connective tissues that result in very tender meat when it is treated right. Pork shoulder is usually […]

Pulled Pork Recipe

Pepper Fest started Hot Kitchen down a path. First it was salsa verde, and dehydrated peppers. Now it has evolved into pulled pork! In the US, today is a major holiday, Independence Day. It is a day we gather with friends and families, eat BBQ, drink beer, and play with or watch fireworks. I love […]