“F” is for Firehouse Stuffed Chicken

Here’s another entry from our recent recipe contest! This one comes to us from Hun, What’s for Dinner?. It’s a delicious take on stuffed chicken featuring feta and mushrooms. The instructions call for a sear-then-bake method that produced a most delicious result. The gravy is nice too, rich and bold without using milk. The gravy […]

“B” as in Bisque, Crawfish Bisque ya’ll

Here’s a yummy recipe for Crawfish Bisque compliments of our friends over at Mr. Pete’s cajun spices. Mr. Pete’s is serious about cajun cooking, and boy do they have a delicious recipe for Crawfish Bisque. This recipe was one of the entries in our first-ever recipe contest! Hot Kitchen hails from the Pacific Northwest, and […]

The key to perfect toasted squash seeds…

It is common knowledge that squash seeds are yummy when they are seasoned and toasted, whether you make them sweet, spicy, salty, or fairly plain. The seeds are of course a great source of omega 6 fatty acids, as well as a good source of zinc, magnesium, and complex carbohydrates. For years, I have been […]

Sunday Morning Sourdough Waffles

Sunday mornings can be so lovely. After years of having to work Sunday mornings, I have finally been blessed with the chance to enjoy them in the privacy of my own home. Something about Sunday morning just calls for a delicious breakfast. My favorite breakfast to make is waffles. Nothing says love like fresh, crispy, […]

Hot Kitchen Pumpkin Latte Cheesecake Recipe Demonstration

#65-Oh, the cheesecake!

You’re going to flip for the cheesecake recipe in this episode! A few weeks ago I posted a survey on our facebook page. I asked     “What is your favorite dessert?” I filled in no answers, wanting to see what was filled in.  Only two options were filled in by the participants, cheesecake and […]

#64 Beef Crowns in Royale Sauce-Puff Pastry how-to

Introduction: Puff Pastry is truly a magic act. There’s only four ingredients that need to be involved: Flour Butter Salt Water The “magic” is the combination of the preparation technique, and the reaction of the butter to the heat of the oven. See, the way that the dough and butter are rolled together creates thousands […]


There’s this charming little thing in the baking world called starter.  It is a wild yeast culture.  All that is needed to culture your very own wild yeasts (yeastie-beasties) is flour and water. You’ll need to seed your initial batch with a source of established yeast, like a dollop of somebody else’s starter, or commercial […]