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60. Shrimp Skewers with Lemon Buerre Blanc, Roasted Garlic Croquettes. Black Forest Cake

This light menu is a shrimp skewer speciality that's lovely on a warm night. Bear in mind that main course portions are moderate, and that is because the meal as a whole is very rich. And you need to leave a bit of room for cake!

If I ever had a restaurant, this would be one of my signature dishes!

  • You make a buttery lemon sauce and pour it over turmeric-kissed grilled shrimp that sits atop a spicy arugula salad tossed in infused vinegar.
  • The buttery sauce and the pungent dressing dance in your mouth perfectly with the turmeric-kissed grilled shrimp!
  • For a starchy side, you make pan-fried polenta croquettes stuffed with roasted garlic and serve them warm with the shrimp and salad.
  • Dessert is a simplified black forest cake. (See the full recipe in my blog) You'll learn a workaround to elegantly substitute a traditional ingredient in this special cake: a cherry-infused spirit named Kirshwasser. The cake is a low-pressure 1-bowl recipe that anybody can make.

Substitutions: Spinach is a good sub for Arugula. Instead of shrimp, you could use dark-meat chicken or firm tofu. You could used stiff mashed potatoes instead of polenta for the croquettes. But there's really no substitute for the butter in this recipe.

The combined taste experience hits on all the tastes: buttery, umami, pungent, sweet, and sour.   This menu is inspired by the flavors of America.


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