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59. Homemade BBQ Sauce over Ribs, Cheesy Fire Corn, Wendys Baked Beans, Summery Fruit Salad

Zesty barbecue sauce and tender ribs are what draws people into the barbecue restaurant and what’s for dinner on in these recipes for two. The reason that these kinds of restaurants are so popular is that good results can be tricky to achieve. This menu takes the guesswork out by presenting a virtually fail-proof method for cooking ribs, as well as a take on homemade barbecue sauce. To round out the meal is cheesy fire corn, baked beans, and summery fruit salad. Inspired by the flavors of the South.

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  1. So glad I was able to find this episode on your website. I knew I wouldn’t remember the baked beans recipe from TV last night. Think I’ll go get my beans soaking now for tomorrow, Thanks much.

    • Glad that your baked beans are in process! Feel free to reach out anytime! Also…thank you for tuning in to our little cooking show 🙂

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