#74 Steak and stuffed mushrooms again?

As our little cooking show was ramping up for this dinner, it made me laugh because there are some similar themes to recent episodes. I guess I’m stuck in a bit of a delicious culinary rut!

Episode #72 features a t-bone steak marinated with a balsamic-raspberry-chipotle marinade. Episode #74’s main course is a ribeye with chipotle butter.

I guess chipotle is Hot in the Hot Kitchen!

Also there are stuffed mushrooms. While they are very different animal than the Greek stuffed mushrooms of episode #71, they are still stuffed mushrooms. Though the potato stuffed mushrooms are certainly a much less expensive recipe than the Greek stuffed mushrooms.

Oh well, who doesn’t love stuffed mushrooms?

Finally, the episode features a recipe for a shrimp louis salad. It is with this recipe we break away from recent trends. We’ve never done a shrimp louis salad, and I’m glad! It was an ideal side to the steak and potatoes.

All in all, this episode is not a ‘healthy’ meal, and it is not meant to be! This menu is shamelessy decadent and delicious. In fact, it was so rich that I could not finish my plate! It came down to a forced choice between the last few ounces of steak or two stuffed mushrooms. The mushrooms won.

We hope you enjoy our cooking show and enjoy episode #74 of Hot Kitchen! Thanks for watching and following our little dream!

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