Hot Kitchen Pumpkin Latte Cheesecake Recipe Demonstration

#65-Oh, the cheesecake!

You’re going to flip for the cheesecake recipe in this episode!

A few weeks ago I posted a survey on our facebook page. I asked



“What is your favorite dessert?”

I filled in no answers, wanting to see what was filled in.  Only two options were filled in by the participants, cheesecake and chocolate souffle.  Cheesecake was the winner here, so I had my work cut out for me.   Now a flavor and style needed to determined.  As I was checking out what my foodie friends were up to, there were a few mentions of the pumpkin latte that is served by that very large coffee chain I once worked for.  One of the posts even said that they were looking for a recipe that would emulate that flavor.

Why not make a pumpkin latte cheesecake?  Coffee, creamy cheesecake and spiced pumpkin sounded like a real winner to me.

There was a list of problems to overcome in building the perfect recipe for two:

  • Canned pumpkin is expensive, and needs to be all used
  • Two people should only have so much cheesecake
  • Only a thin layer of pumpkin crust is needed to make the recipe right
  • How to make the coffee swirl work

My first attempt at the pumpkin cake was very bready.  The original recipe called for a cup and a half of flour.  Also, I was surprised at just how little batter was needed for the crust.  About a half cup of pumpkin was leftover too.  The flavors were there though, so it was just a matter of adjusting.

The next attempt was much better with reducing the flour to a cup.  This time it dawned on me that this recipe would also do double duty as some fab pumpkin chocolate chip cookies, so I folded a cup of chocolate chip cookies into the batter and then baked it off as drop cookies.

The first attempt at the cheesecake filling was spot on!

The flavors and texture of my second attempt was much better, but the proportions were out of balance and the coffee was a little lost in the custard.   No big deal, a smaller pan would fix that problem, and cooking the coffee into a syrup would solve the coffee getting lost problem too.

So here is the final recipe:


Crust/Cookies: 1/3 cup Butter 1 cup Flour ½ cup White Sugar ½ cup Brown Sugar 1 egg
1 tsp Vanilla ½ tsp Salt 1 cup Pumpkin 2 tsp Cinnamon 1 tsp Nutmeg ½ tsp Ginger
1 cup chocolate chips 1 tsp Baking Powder
Filling: 8 oz Cream Cheese 2 eggs, separated ½ cup Sugar 1 Tbsp Cornstarch ½ cup Heavy Cream
Coffee Swirl: 3 oz Strong Coffee 2 Tbsp Sugar ½ tsp Cinnamon
  1. Mix the crust/cookie ingredients, except the chocolate chips, together as per standard drop cookie procedures.
  2. Line a small loaf pan with sheet of parchment, giving yourself an easy way to get the cheesecake out of the pan.
  3. Add a layer of the crust, about a half inch deep, to the loaf pan.
  4. Bake at 350 degrees for 15 minutes, or until crust is set.
  5. Meanwhile, separate the eggs.  Whip the whites to soft peaks.
  6. Cream the sugar and cheese together, then beat in the egg yolks, cornstarch, and heavy cream.
  7. Gently fold in the egg whites.
  8. Simmer the coffee, cinnamon, and sugar together until the syrup thickens to a consistency like maple syrup.
  9. Pour the egg custard over the baked crust.  Fill the pan, leaving about a half inch margin at the top of the pan.
  10. Lace the coffee syrup over the surface of the custard.  Use a spoon or knife to marble the syrup into the custard.
  11. Bake in a water bath at 300 degrees for about an hour.
  12. Slide a knife into the center of the cake to test for doneness.  It is done when the knife is clean when it comes out.
  13. Sprinkle the top lightly with sugar and allow the cake to cool completely.  Overnight in the fridge is best 🙂
  14. Pull it out from the pan by the parchment.  Peel the paper off the cheesecake, cut and serve.

Hot Kitchen Pumpkin Chocolate Chips Cookies Recipe DemonstrationAhhh, now that’s love!   Night Night!


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