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24/7 Direct TV!

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Hot Kitchen is also on hotkitchenonline.com, You Tube, iTunes (temporarily down due to hosting issues), Blip.tv, and more online destinations. At this time, our complete library is free to view.

 We also air in Portland, Oregon and San Francisco, CA:

 Currently our schedule is very random. We have taken a little break after years of a stringent production schedule. We will be back on a regular schedule with MetroEast soon!

Look for us to pop up on Channel 11 in the Portland Metro Area. We also play periodically across a variety of community access channels throughout the metro area.

In San Francisco, watch for us on U-Verse Channels 27 and 75.


Thank you to the following networks for sharing the love!

  • SimplyMe TV, accessible online, and through a variety of networks around the world.
  • Portland’s Community Access Network- Channel 11 (22 Fios)
    • Available to all Cable and Fios subscribers in the Portland Metro area-This channel is shared by all of the local Community Access Channels. Each channel take turns broadcasting programming during specified time slots. The best programming from each locality is shown on this channel.
  • MetroEast- Channel 21 on Comcast, 32 on Fios METROEAST
    • Locally available to Portland Metro East County (Gresham-Fairview-Wood Village-unincorporated E. Multnomah County, etc.) as well as in the city of Portland thanks to Portland Community Media
  • Portland Community Media (PCM) – Channels 22, 23 on Comcast PCMTV
    • Locally seen in the City of Portland and some surrounding areas
  • Tualatin Valley Community Television-Channel 23 TVCTV
    • Locally seen in Portland Metro’s westside (Banks-King City-Beaverton-Lake Oswego, Rivergrove, unicorporated Washington County, etc.)
  • EATV-Channels 27 & 75 (31 on Astound) EATV
    • Locally seen in San Francisco on Cable Channels, San Francisco’s unified School District and City College of San Francisco


  1. We came across your fabulous show accidentally, but we LOVE you!! I knew from the first time we watched your show that you were classically trained – but you make it so easy and accessible, even if you haven’t done much cooking you make it easy and relaxed. I absolutely love the idea of a nice evening at home with good food and your loved one – making it “hot” is even better.

    thanks for bringing us a great show with fabulous meals.

  2. I love your show. Very simple, but elegant and the recipes look great and I feel inspired!

    I was looking for the salmon cake recipe as shown a few weeks back, but I guess I’ll have to wing it!

    • Hi there! Thanks for enjoying our labor of love. The smoked salmon cakes can be found on episode 26. We are working on setting up an easy reference for recipes/episodes. Enjoy!

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