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Hot Kitchen Pork en Croute with Spaetzle Recipe Demonstration

24. Pork Loin en Croute, Spaetzle, Garlicky Beets, Caramelized Banana Cake

This menu of recipes for two is a play on a classic beef entrée.  Wrapping meat in flaky pastry adds an impressive visual effect, helps to retain moisture in the meat, and is just plain cool. The pork is loved up with some soft sweet spices, and then glazed in orange marmalade under the pastry.  […]

Hot Kitchen Artisan Admiral's Platter Recipe Demonstration

45. Artisan Admirals Platter – with Calamari, Clams on the Half Shell, Stuffed Shrimp, Pecan Battered Halibut, Jicama-Cucumber Slaw, Sweet Potater Tots, and More

Our Artisan Admiral’s Platter recipes for two offer an array of textures, flavors, and color.  It is much more than just deep fried seafood.  Enjoy clams on the half shell, stuffed shrimp, calamari, pecan battered halibut, sweet potatoer tots, and cucumber jicama slaw. Really, this menu is enough to feed 3-4, but the leftover foods […]

Hot Kitchen - Beef Curry Recipe Demonstration

35. Beef Curry over Jasmine Rice, Handheld Salad Rolls, Lime-Coconut Petite Fours

When you are craving Thai, this menu of recipes for two should do the trick.  Crisp and fresh salad rolls are stimulating to the appetite when dunked in the tangy dipping sauce.  Unlike the Thai restaurant, you can make the curry exactly how spicy, sweet, and salty you like.  Bite-size coconut-lime cakes that are simple […]

Cookbook: Coming Soon!

Date Night at Home: The Ultimate Cookbook for TwoCompatible with every device, this cookbook for two includes the written recipes from almost every episode so you'll always have a go-to when it's time to conjure up a memorable meal. Each recipe links back to its episode, so you'll never be left wondering what to do next or how to time out the meal.

Download the sample and reserve your copy today.

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