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Hot Kitchen Lemon Chicken with Arugula Stuffing Recipe Demonstration

14. Lemon Chicken with Arugula Stuffing, Wilted Arugula, Orzo Pasta

This Greek inspired menu of recipes for two features a yummy stuffed lemon chicken.  Spicy arugula gets lots of use in this recipe.  It acts as a side and as a delicious stuffing for the lemony chicken.  Feta and kalamata add briney, salty notes that make you and your sweetie want more.  Orzo pasta is […]

Hot Kitchen Shrimp Etouffe Recipe Demonstration

22. Shrimp Etouffee, Cajun Potato Pancakes, Peach Angel Dessert, Tangy Pecan Coleslaw

Etouffée is a richly seasoned stewed batch of southern love featuring shellfish.  In this menu of recipes for two, shrimp is the star and the stewed goodness is the backup choir.  Cajun potato pancakes are served with the etouffée instead of traditional rice because they stand up to the rich stew.  Tangy pecan coleslaw plays […]

Cookbook: Coming Soon!

Date Night at Home: The Ultimate Cookbook for TwoCompatible with every device, this cookbook for two includes the written recipes from almost every episode so you'll always have a go-to when it's time to conjure up a memorable meal. Each recipe links back to its episode, so you'll never be left wondering what to do next or how to time out the meal.

Download the sample and reserve your copy today.

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