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45. Artisan Admirals Platter – with Calamari, Clams on the Half Shell, Stuffed Shrimp, Pecan Battered Halibut, Jicama-Cucumber Slaw, Sweet Potater Tots, and More

Our Artisan Admiral’s Platter recipes for two offer an array of textures, flavors, and color.  It is much more than just deep fried seafood. 

Enjoy clams on the half shell, stuffed shrimp, calamari, pecan battered halibut, sweet potatoer tots, and cucumber jicama slaw. Really, this menu is enough to feed 3-4, but the leftover foods are easy to save.  Simply space them out on a lined baking sheet and freeze.  Hold in a jar or reusable container after the food has frozen through. 

Reheat by frying or baking and enjoy all over again!

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