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32. Medieval Turkey

This is a very special recipe from a very special episode of Hot Kitchen, #32 Medieval Turkey.  GoodFood UK found a video of ours on YouTube and asked us to make a short about roasting a Turkey.  The producer was developing a pilot for the show ‘Food through the Ages.’  The twist was they asked for it to be ina medieval style, and that I take a ‘hands-on’ approach to preparing and breaking it down.  They asked us to deliver the short within 48 hours.  We thought it sounded like a fun challenge.

We brainstormed, researched, bought costumes, and wrote a light-hearted screenplay.  Then we shot it on a beautiful afternoon in our backyard.  It was one of the silliest and most fun episodes we have shot.  As far as medieval cooking is concerned, we learned that butter, bacon, and fresh herbs were common in even a commoner’s medieval kitchen.

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