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Welcome to the New Hot Kitchen

Hello friends,

You might notice that things have changed around here!

Our old website served us well for many years, but it’s time has come and gone. The theme became deprecated because the developer went MIA, and then it was hacked — repeatedly. C’est la vie.

It’s actually been about six months since we could publish a post or change anything about the site, and dumb me, I figured it was some clash between WordPress and my theme that would “fix itself.” The final straw was when I went to put the cookbook up for sale and found that I couldn’t add it to the homepage, change the menus or even get the e-commerce plugin to format correctly.

Why u hurt so much, website?It was very frustrating, so much so that I had a total hissy fit and cried about it. Yup, that’s right. Then I put on my big girl panties and began the process of redoing our site. Anytime you need to re-theme a site with a lot of customized content, there is often a lot of hair-pulling involved, but it’s not the first site I’ve done, nor will it be the last. Each version is unique and I learn a ton each time.

Anyways, it’s onward and upward!  The new site is built on a more descriptive URL: hotkitchen.cooking, and the site is more responsive for those of you who visit us on mobile devices. It’s not 100% where we want it, but then again, websites are a constant work in progress.

Now that this is done, I need to go back and change links in the cookbook so they point to this site instead of our old one. I’ll need a little more time for that piece to happen, but that has to be the last obstacle! (knocking on wood while crossing fingers and throwing salt over my left shoulder)

More great Date Night ideas to come your way soon!


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