About the Show — What is Hot Kitchen?

What is Hot Kitchen?

We started this show after a romantic walk on the beach on a gorgeous summer’s eve, when we realized that the Great Recession must be taking a toll on couples that used to go out to eat for a date. Our show helps people who want to treat  their “sweeties”, but don’t have the luxury of going out to eat and can’t quite cook like a chef. Each episode is a self-contained date night dinner, and you can even cook along if you prep your ingredients in advance.

Hot Kitchen takes about two active days to produce. On filming day, the morning and afternoon are spent “mise en placing” (preparing the kitchen and food), and then we start filming when it is dark outside.

The next day, Trazy cuts the footage, we preview it and publish to the web. We then share it with our site, YouTube, and other services through blip.tv.  The show also airs on television seasonally in Portland,Oregon and San Francisco, CA.

Everything is filmed in HD. No scripts are used. We literally sit down and enjoy the food you see us cook after we’re done filming, and it’s always really good. You see every detail of how the food is cooked, and we offer a lot tips and tricks along the way, and sneak in advanced techniques, sometimes without telling you.

Another fun fact about Hot Kitchen is that we do ALL of it ourselves. The kitchen is our real kitchen, and the kitties you see make cameos are our real kitties. Many of the dishes are heirlooms and everything we use on the show also gets use in real life. Those dresses — they are actually in our closet waiting for their next chance to star on Hot Kitchen or a random trip to Vegas. 😉

Our long term goal is to take this show to a larger audience and share our love and passion with anybody who wants to learn how to cook really good food for their loved one(s). We have already made progress towards our goal!

Thank you so much for the thousands of nice comments and over 100,000 views!!


  1. Dear Wendy:

    I just wanted to drop a note of thanks for such a great show. I watch your show on channel 27 WEB TV 27 on Thursday evenings at 10:30PM. I have been watching your show for the last four months and have tried several of your recipes and my husband loved them all so far. Please keep up all the great work and look forward to more of your great shows on Thursday evening.


    John J. McGuire III
    San Francisco, CA

    • Hello John,

      Wow, thank you so much for saying hi! Nothing makes us happier than knowing that you and your husband are enjoying quality time over a delicious meal. You’re the reason we make the show! :]

      There’s almost 80 episodes to enjoy, and we plan to make many more in the future when life settles down a bit more and we’re able to spend time on our favorite pastime: sharing love and good food. (Currently, work is getting in the way of “cheffing it up.”) Stay tuned here or on Social for updates — we expect the next few months to bring some great news and fabulous opportunities that will turn into more delicious Date Night recipes for you and your husband to enjoy.

      Tracy and Wendy

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