#64 Beef Crowns in Royale Sauce-Puff Pastry how-to

Introduction: Puff Pastry is truly a magic act. There’s only four ingredients that need to be involved: Flour Butter Salt Water The “magic” is the combination of the preparation technique, and the reaction of the butter to the heat of the oven. See, the way that the dough and butter are rolled together creates thousands […]


There’s this charming little thing in the baking world called starter.  It is a wild yeast culture.  All that is needed to culture your very own wild yeasts (yeastie-beasties) is flour and water. You’ll need to seed your initial batch with a source of established yeast, like a dollop of somebody else’s starter, or commercial […]

#63 Pear and Walnut stuffed Chops

As the weather turns to autumn in the great Pacific Northwest, I can’t help but be drawn into the cooler season by the allure of fall flavors.  This sentiment played big time into the recipes I chose to share with you in episode #63, Pear and Walnut Stuffed Chops.  It’ll be months again before I […]