“J” is for Jicama

Jicama is a lovely little root vegetable that tastes like an apple and a potato had a baby. It is tender enough to eat raw and a favorite ingredient in Latin-American cuisine. It is a tropical root vegetable.   The first time I tried Jicama it was raw, sprinkled with some dry pico de gallo […]

“I” is for I can’t believe they call that food!

High Fructose Corn Syrup: When did grains decide to turn themselves into heavy thick syrup? They didn’t. Grains naturally ferment and turn into alcohol! There is no high fructose corn syrup in nature. A common offender on recipe labels near you.   Soy Lectithin: An extract of soy oil that is used to ‘stabilize’ nearly […]

Hot Kitchen White Bean Hummus Recipe Demonstration

“H” is for Hummus Recipes

 Hummus. By name it sounds like it might be alien. Rest assured it is very much a human food. Hummus is a yummy bean dip that is frequently served at Mediterranean and Middle Eastern influenced cafes, carts, and restaurants. Hummus has long been a favorite “poor girl’s” lunch. When paired with whole grain flatbread, and […]

“F” is for Firehouse Stuffed Chicken

Here’s another entry from our recent recipe contest! This one comes to us from Hun, What’s for Dinner?. It’s a delicious take on stuffed chicken featuring feta and mushrooms. The instructions call for a sear-then-bake method that produced a most delicious result. The gravy is nice too, rich and bold without using milk. The gravy […]

Hot Kitchen Roast Duck in Strawberry Merlot Sauce Recipe Demonstration

“D” is for Cooking Duck

Duck is a bird that enjoyed by people from around the world. Known for being rich, incredibly tender, and pleasantly “gamey,” duck is beloved by many. Not all diners are fond of this bird though. Some find it to be greasy, or don’t care for the flavor, or even may have had an experience where […]

“B” as in Bisque, Crawfish Bisque ya’ll

Here’s a yummy recipe for Crawfish Bisque compliments of our friends over at Mr. Pete’s cajun spices. Mr. Pete’s is serious about cajun cooking, and boy do they have a delicious recipe for Crawfish Bisque. This recipe was one of the entries in our first-ever recipe contest! Hot Kitchen hails from the Pacific Northwest, and […]

“A” is for Artichokes!

Why not indulge in the delicious ritual that is preparing and eating an artichoke? Even though they are a behemoth flower of a rather mean-looking rouge thistle, artichokes are a power-house of distinct flavor and abundant nutrition. 5-15 grams of fiber per choke. That’s up 50% of the fiber you need daily! Up to 45 […]