Hot Kitchen Coffee Rubbed Ribeye, Potato Stuffed Mushrooms Recipe Demonstration

#74 Coffee Rubbed Ribeye

The coffee rubbed ribeye was a recipe we shared on our little cooking show. It was inspired by years of work as a Barista! In fact, if I could get my hands on a professional espresso machine, I might try adding a little ground coriander and allspice to my portafilter and pull a rich, creamy […]

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Hot Kitchen Potato Stuffed Mushrooms Recipe Demonstration

#74 Potato Stuffed Mushrooms

You are going to freak when you try these! I know we just did Greek stuffed mushrooms in episode #71, but Trazy (my hungry hubby, director, camera, producer, and soulmate) came up with a real fab idea for stuffed mushrooms. I was super slammed with work last month and asked him to cook. He had […]

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“O” is for Oregon

Oregon is where we live.  Located in the northwest corner of the United States of America, Oregon is an incredible mecca of good food that often falls in the shadow of its neighbor to the south. We are part of the Cascadia bioregion and are proud of it, hence the big flag on this post. […]

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“N” is for Night Night!

Why on earth do I say that at the end of a show? So thanks for joining me in my Hot Kitchen tonight, have fun turning up the heat in your kitchen, and we’ll see you next week.   When we were creating the show, we tried several different lines. That is the one that […]

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“M” is for Merlot

Merlot is my favorite red cooking wine. The fruity nose and the soft, oaky tannins tend to be lovely. The wine imparts a soft sweetness without the astringent qualities of tannins. I’ve tried using cabernet sauvignon, zinfandel, syraz, chianti, malbec, and just regular table wine. Here’s a breakdown based on my experience and palatte of […]

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Hot Kitchen Flaming Rack of Lamb Recipe Demonstration

“L” is for Lamb Chops & Love

Or ‘Lamby’ as we affectionately call it. Lamb is one of our favorite gourmet meats to eat, though typically we only have it a few times a year. Lamb is a very romantic experience for us, we have a long history and Lamb has a big role in our love. To us, lamb is special. […]

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“K” is for Kitchen

Most of you know that Hot Kitchen is our cooking show. My husband Tracy and I do the whole thing ourselves.   Unlike ‘professional’ cooking shows, we actually cook in our own kitchen, and it hasn’t been retrofitted with a bunch of fancy equipment. The Hot Kitchen you see is the same kitchen that I […]

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“I” is for I can’t believe they call that food!

High Fructose Corn Syrup: When did grains decide to turn themselves into heavy thick syrup? They didn’t. Grains naturally ferment and turn into alcohol! There is no high fructose corn syrup in nature. A common offender on recipe labels near you.   Soy Lectithin: An extract of soy oil that is used to ‘stabilize’ nearly […]

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