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Welcome to the New Hot Kitchen

Hello friends, You might notice that things have changed around here! Our old website served us well for many years, but it’s time has come and gone. The theme became deprecated because the developer went MIA, and then it was hacked — repeatedly. C’est la vie. It’s actually been about six months since we could […]

Tempura shrimp roll, sushi recipes

Sushi Night

We love sushi. When I asked my husband what we should eat to celebrate his birthday, he mentioned sushi. Today, he thought we should take a trip to Uwajimaya so we could enjoy sushi at home. Music to my ears! I’ve been wanting to make sushi and re-check my sushi recipes for weeks now anyways, […]

May 10th Date Night Cooking Class

I am super excited to teach this class! Come enjoy an evening of good food that you and your date help make at my next Portland Date Night Cooking Class.   We do the work so you two can learn something, eat like royalty,  and spend quality time together. This menu is all about the rich,  […]

Date Night Cooking Classes

Thought you might enjoy seeing what happens at one of my date night cooking classes at In Good Taste. These were some of the things enjoyed by our guests 🙂 Mahi Mahi was not available for the class, we substituted rockfish with good results. Join me for a class in the future! Click Here to […]

Getting the Cookbook Done

When I first started writing this cookbook over four years ago…I had no idea that it would take 4 years to complete!!  If I had known, I might have convinced myself to not do it, LOL. I’m being silly, of course.  There is no way I could have torn myself away from this goal!  It […]

Hot Kitchen Portland Cooking Class Featured!

Our Valentine’s class has been featured in a local blog!! Visit our friends over at lovelakeoswego.com to see what’s happening around town on Valentine’s Day. I’m looking forward to sharing this terrific feast featuring romantic seafood and decadent beef wellington for my guests on Thursday. Most of all I’m looking forward to recreating this feast for […]

#75 – Recipe Contest Winners

This is a fun, different approach for us. We enjoyed testing and tasting the many entries we received. In choosing the winners, we had many factors to consider. The crux of the challenge was to put together recipes that work together as far as taste, timing, and to some degree-nutritional balance. Ulitmately, here are the […]

Pulled Pork Recipe

Pepper Fest started Hot Kitchen down a path. First it was salsa verde, and dehydrated peppers. Now it has evolved into pulled pork! In the US, today is a major holiday, Independence Day. It is a day we gather with friends and families, eat BBQ, drink beer, and play with or watch fireworks. I love […]

#74 Steak and stuffed mushrooms again?

As our little cooking show was ramping up for this dinner, it made me laugh because there are some similar themes to recent episodes. I guess I’m stuck in a bit of a delicious culinary rut! Episode #72 features a t-bone steak marinated with a balsamic-raspberry-chipotle marinade. Episode #74’s main course is a ribeye with […]

Hot Kitchen Shrimp Louis Salad Recipe Demonstration

#74 Shrimp Louis Salad

One of the things we love to do on Hot Kitchen, our little cooking show, is to recreate classic recipes that have been all but forgotten in this modern era of ‘big food.’ I’ve long been a sucker for the old classic salad, Shrimp Louis. It is one of my favorites, but almost nobody makes […]