Beef Stock Formula

Beef stock is rich and dark in color. It will add a pleasant brown hue to any food, and a meaty richness. Use beef stock for dark soups, dark sauces, red wine reductions, to add depth to meatloaf, to braise rich meats and vegetables, as a supplement to pot roast, etc. Formula: 1:3 proportion of […]

Fish Stock Formula

Fumet (French for fish stock) is delicate and light in color. It is ideal for making sauces for fish, or as a base for clam chowder or other fish/seafood soups. Use fish stock to moisten fish cakes, poach fish, season risottos, rices, vegetable purees, etc. Formula: 1:2 proportion white mirepoix to salmon bones Sweating in […]

Chicken Stock Formula

This essential stock is also the easiest and most forgiving to make. It is rare that I have all three stocks stashed in my freezer, but I always have a chicken stock. This is because it is easy to acquire the bones, and chicken stock is delicious when made with or without mirepoix. Use chicken […]

Coconut Oil

Coconut Oil is the oil extracted from the coconut.  A good friend introduced me to it, and recently I decided to add it to my pantry after ‘flirting’ with it for a couple of years.  After research and many taste-based and performance-based testing, I’m convinced. Benefits: -Pure Fat (no water) -High Flash Point, great for […]