Roast turkey breast recipe

Basic Roast Turkey Breast Recipe

A yummy roast turkey breast recipe…and how to use it We love roasting off a turkey breast every so often. It results in a delicious dinner that evening, then easily 3 more meals — more if you opt to use for sandwiches! Truly, few foods are easier to make, cheaper, more nutritious or more versatile. […]

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Devastating chocolate lasagna recipe

Devastating Chocolate Lasagna

Devastating Chocolate Lasagna will quash any chocolate craving! This is a layered, trifle-like block of pure chocolate love which brings together chocolate whipped cream, dark chocolate, and chocolate cake. This is an off-the-hip recipe. Measurements are approximate and based on baking the bake in a 9 x 13-inch glass Pyrex pan. You don’t need to […]

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Hot Kitchen Pesto Recipe Demonstration

Kale Puree Recipe

Date night dinner: seared chicken, creamy-garlicky kale purée, grilled asparagus, pearl cous cous with red onion and sweet bell pepper. A photo posted by Hot Kitchen (@hot_kitchen_show) on Mar 23, 2015 at 8:28pm PDT Okay, I get it, months go by and there’s not been a peep outta us. You’re looking for a date night […]

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Patriotic Fruit Tart Recipe — In Pictures

Welcome! Rather than bore you to pieces with my typical verbose writing, enjoy this picture-centric fruit tart recipe that walks you through how to make your own patriotic fruit treat. If you like this approach, I’d love to hear from you! Happy 4th of July!

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Tempura shrimp roll, sushi recipes

Sushi Night

We love sushi. When I asked my husband what we should eat to celebrate his birthday, he mentioned sushi. Today, he thought we should take a trip to Uwajimaya so we could enjoy sushi at home. Music to my ears! I’ve been wanting to make sushi and re-check my sushi recipes for weeks now anyways, […]

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Surprise Chocolate Macaroons

So,  I was trying to make 7 minute frosting,  and was doing fine until I decided to add 4Tbsp cocoa powder. Now,  I know that chocolate kills meringue,  but I added it anyways,  hoping it wouldn’t deflate the frosting too much. FAIL! It turned those stiff peaks into drippy batter.  So… in a last ditch […]

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Classic Creamy Turkey Gravy Recipe

Just your basic scratch-made turkey gravy recipe Essential, basic, simple and wholesome. This is a modern take on classic creamy turkey gravy recipes, but it is better for you. Use it for your roast turkey breast, or make a massive batch of it for the Holiday feast.  The sneaky thing here is that the recipe […]

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Finished perfect baked hotwings recipe

Super-Easy Chicken Wings (not fried)

Like a perfectly executed quaterback sneak, once again Superbowl Snuck up on me It is a big chance to indulge quiet love for chicken wings. Here is my fail-proof formula: Super Easy No Fry Wings Mise en Plas 12 – 16 whole wings 1/3 cup flour 1 tsp salt or seasoning salt 1 Tbsp cornstarch […]

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Epic Caramel Mocha Cake Recipe - Cafe Latte Frosting Recipe, Caramel Recipe Filling, Chocolate Cake Recipe, Chocolate Ganache Recipe Finish

Epic Caramel Mocha Cake Recipe

  Christmas Eve came around and I had a gnarly baking itch to satisfy.  Epic Caramel Mocha Cake was the answer.  Cookies simply did not cut it. Though this is part of my off-the-hip series, this is not exactly a simple recipe.  There are four different components working in harmony to make the masterpiece that […]

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Vegetarian Meatballs13

Vegetarian Meatballs Recipe (aka Arancini recipe)

Vegetarian meatballs recipe – great for the holidays! Off the hip recipes are those that I make up with no pre-planning. Some times there is a plan, sometimes they are a delicious culinary accident worth sharing. These little tasty bites are like a round risotto fritter, and they are my take on Italian classic “arancini” […]

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