Pork Shoulder

A pork shoulder is an inexpensive cut of pork that is the ideal choice for slow roasting. It is heavily marbled, and boasts a nice layer of fat across one side. It also has a fair degree of connective tissues that result in very tender meat when it is treated right. Pork shoulder is usually […]

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Hot Kitchen Flaming Rack of Lamb Recipe Demonstration

“L” is for Lamb Chops & Love

Or ‘Lamby’ as we affectionately call it. Lamb is one of our favorite gourmet meats to eat, though typically we only have it a few times a year. Lamb is a very romantic experience for us, we have a long history and Lamb has a big role in our love. To us, lamb is special. […]

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Hot Kitchen Roast Duck in Strawberry Merlot Sauce Recipe Demonstration

“D” is for Cooking Duck

Duck is a bird that enjoyed by people from around the world. Known for being rich, incredibly tender, and pleasantly “gamey,” duck is beloved by many. Not all diners are fond of this bird though. Some find it to be greasy, or don’t care for the flavor, or even may have had an experience where […]

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