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“L” is for Lamb Chops & Love

Or ‘Lamby’ as we affectionately call it. Lamb is one of our favorite gourmet meats to eat, though typically we only have it a few times a year. Lamb is a very romantic experience for us, we have a long history and Lamb has a big role in our love.

To us, lamb is special. On one of our first dates the roles were reversed. Tracy cooked me Lamb Chops, Burnt Brussels Sprouts, and baked Yams. It was very yummy. He told me about his Godmother and how incredible of an Italian cook she was. Talk about a great way to woo a girl!

“The fastest way to a man’s stomach” is *ahem* by no means limited to Men.

For the first couple years we were together Tracy cooked for us quite a bit! He is a great cook, and I love to reap the benefits. Though after I went to culinary school I’ve done most of the cooking, because, well, I’m really good with food. He still cooks from time to time, too.

As far as cooking goes, it is a dense red meat. I’d describe it as similar cooking properties to a filet mignon. It is dense and very marbled and it cooks slowly. When grilling, give the meat 6-8 minutes per side. When roasting, 20 minutes a pound at 325 degrees is good. As far as flavor goes, I would describe it as slightly gamey, a little fatty, with a pleasing tender-chewiness.

Lamb is available in several cuts. The most popular cuts are:

  • Ribs/Rack
  • Chop (T-bone cut, or Rib Chop)
  • Shoulder Chop (Stewing or Braising Meat)
  • Ground
  • Leg

Hot Kitchen has shot episodes with all but ground lamb!

Preference of doneness varies from diner to diner, but most people are made quite happy with lamb cooked to medium. So if you’re cooking for an unfamiliar audience aim for that. (About 140 Fahrenheit on a thermometer).

Hot Kitchen episodes featuring Lamb:

  • Episode #71 Lamb Kebabs, Greek Salad, Stuffed Mushrooms
  • Episode #48 Mint-Apple Lamb Chops, Orange-Spice Cous Cous, Wilted Spinach, Garlic Dinner Bread
  • Episode #39 Rack of Lamb
  • Episode #10 Lamb and Lentils
  • Episode #5 Leg of Lamb

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