“K” is for Kitchen

Most of you know that Hot Kitchen is our cooking show. My husband Tracy and I do the whole thing ourselves.


Unlike ‘professional’ cooking shows, we actually cook in our own kitchen, and it hasn’t been retrofitted with a bunch of fancy equipment. The Hot Kitchen you see is the same kitchen that I cook in and clean up every day. We use electric burners. Our oven is just a regular oven, and my pots and pans are just boring old pots and pans.

We do this for two reasons:

  1. Practical reasons.
  2. It’s the same kind of stuff most people have in their kitchens

Our aim is to teach cooking and encourage love. So we keep it simple and focus on the cooking part. We hate it when TV show cooks focus on demonstrating product, rather than teaching how to cook. It’s also annoying when they tell you to go buy this specialty spice, or that specialty cheese that’s like $30 a pound. We try to focus on the amazing things that can be done with the basics. Anyways, back to kitchens…


Here’s a fun fact: We’ve filmed in two ‘Hot Kitchens’ The first was the original. It was in a beautiful home we were fortunate enough to call our home for several years. Eventually the landlord decided he wanted to live in the home, after he got a divorce.  So we went looking for a new home and were fortunate to find a cozy house with a similarly configured kitchen!

We were left to fend for our dreams by quickly finding a new Hot Kitchen. The same day we found out we looked at Craigslist and lo and behold there was a nice little home with a suitable kitchen. The new place was almost a dead ringer for the old. Same freakin’ cooktop on an island. The sink, fridge, and oven were in about the same spot. New Hot Kitchen was a lot like old, but smaller, about half the size.

Hot Kitchen #1-Last Episode was #56 Sole Spirals

Hot Kitchen #2. First Episode here was #57 Blushing Steak with Crab

Besides having to go through and shrink down the kitchen, we had to adapt to our new, cozier surroundings. It took an episode or two to realize that I couldn’t wear heels anymore 🙁 Heels just made me look like an amazon-woman because the counters are shorter.

Also the spacing between the cooktop and sink is much wider. Tracy has to shoot me from a lower level than he did in the old Hot Kitchen, to keep me from looking like a midget! Crazy how much the little differences make on film!

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