“J” is for Jicama

Jicama is a lovely little root vegetable that tastes like an apple and a potato had a baby. It is tender enough to eat raw and a favorite ingredient in Latin-American cuisine. It is a tropical root vegetable.


The first time I tried Jicama it was raw, sprinkled with some dry pico de gallo and a healthy squeeze of lime. I was a child and didn’t care much for it. As an adult I’ve developed a healthy love for fruits and veggies of all kinds, and I love spicy foods now. As such, my affections for Jicama have grown. Today I’m very grateful for that first Jicama experience!


How to Prepare:

Wash the jicama really well under cool running water and then peel it, if desired. I find the skin to be too tough to enjoy though you can eat it. Slice or chop up the jicama and eat it raw or cooked.


Jicama is a bit of a chameleon. It takes on the flavors and colors you apply to it, much like mushrooms and chicken. Like any root vegetable it will soften when you cook it, and will have cooking properties similar to a carrot or turnip.


Try adding it to salads, allowing it time to soak and soften in the vinegar. Pair it with bright and bold flavors. Another great way to enjoy is tossed into stir fry. Cook it separate from the other veggies then add it back in at the end. Finally, the root can be steamed/blanched, then pureed to make a slightly sweet base for an entree.

Why Jicama?:

Well, because it is a versatile player in the kitchen and it’s cheap. Jicama wins mega-bonus points from Hot Kitchen by being a fabulous source of

  • Vitamin C, an average just a quarter cup of chopped Jicama will have over 40% of your daily needs!
  • Fiber, that same amount will also give you about a quarter of the fiber you need daily, about six grams. Impressive.
  • B Vitamins (all but B-12)
  • Potassium, about 5%


Why not throw a little Jicama in your salad tonight?

Hot Kitchen episodes featuring Jicama:



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