“I” is for I can’t believe they call that food!

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High Fructose Corn Syrup:

When did grains decide to turn themselves into heavy thick syrup? They didn’t. Grains naturally ferment and turn into alcohol! There is no high fructose corn syrup in nature. A common offender on recipe labels near you.


Soy Lectithin:

An extract of soy oil that is used to ‘stabilize’ nearly every single processed food. So we’re taking apart a perfectly good cooking oil to hold our nasty packaged food together? Gross! Trouble with soy is that we don’t fully understand it’s impacts on health. While it is known as being a complete protein (has all the amino acids) there are concerns about how it impacts hormone production, especially in Men. Also a common offender on recipe labels near you.

Partially-hydrogenated oils of any kind:

These are transfats. Again, we take a perfectly good food, pull it apart and fuse it back together. Food doesn’t respond well to being put through the cruncher like that. If less than a gram is found in one serving on that package you’re pondering, the manufacturer does not have to list it on the nutritional information. However it will show up on the ingredients. Beware of these overly-stable, heart-trouble-inducing fats. Avoid them.

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Low-fat, or non-fat dairy products:

Now we all know there’s no such thing as a low-fat cow. So how exactly do they make low fat dairy products? Simple! We rip it apart, separating the milk and fat, then mix it back together to achieve the standard percentages. Whole milk is the milk that is left alone for the most part. The low fat milks are all stripped away to non-fat then built back up. Homogenization takes care of the separation problem then the milk is killed off by pasteurization. While I understand why we have to pasteurize our milk, I wish there were more sources of fresh unpasteurized milk. It has been spoken among foodie circles that all this processing of the milk makes it difficult for our body to process. As a former career barista, I’ll tell you that we all hate steaming anything less than whole milk. The foam isn’t right and the drink tastes watery.

Thanks for indulging my little food rant! I don’t like to go into this stuff on the show because our point is to teach you to cook, not scare you from eating! What more do you really need to know to be convinced you should be cooking from scratch?


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