Cookbook – Date Night at Home: The Ultimate Cookbook for Two – Tons of Recipes for Two

It contains 72 fully composed menus — over 270 recipes for two.  The most unique feature of this cookbook is that it is backed by our cooking show! Each recipe has a play button next to the title.  Tap or click it to load the related episode in your browser, where you can either watch the whole thing or scrub back and forth until you find the right part.

My recipes are written for all skill levels. Pro cooks can read the first few words of each instruction and jump to the next. Those of you who need a little more can read the whole instruction set, or just load the episode and watch it before starting — or cook along!

Regardless of your skill level, this book will teach you how to cook without prepared foods!

Just want to peek at it? No worries, download a sample instead.

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