Cookbook – Date Night at Home: The Ultimate Cookbook for Two – Tons of Recipes for Two

Cookbook: finally friggin’ finished.

Date Night at Home: The Ultimate Cookbook for TwoOver 5 years of work comes to a culmination…right now. Yes friends, there’s been a lot of false starts, near finishes and just-missed-it moments. After several formats, at least seven full revisions and the death of one computer (and near death of a second)…the cookbook is done!!

It contains 72 full composed menus — over 270 recipes for two.  The most unique feature of this cookbook is that it is backed by out cooking show. From within the cookbook, simply tap the play button at the top of each recipe to load the episode and watch me demonstrate how to do it!  So, if you get hung up on something you can watch the episode for a demonstration.

These recipes are written with the modern cook in mind. All are scratch recipes for two, which means that there are few bottles, boxes, and prepared foods involved. For people who want to learn how to cook without prepared foods this is the perfect cookbook.

This book is the ultimate cookbook for two, featuring restaurant classics as well as menus born of our own inspiration. These recipes have been tested and have always produced good results for us, as well as Chef Wendy’s students at In Good Taste Cooking School.

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