#75 – Recipe Contest Winners

This is a fun, different approach for us. We enjoyed testing and tasting the many entries we received. In choosing the winners, we had many factors to consider. The crux of the challenge was to put together recipes that work together as far as taste, timing, and to some degree-nutritional balance. Ulitmately, here are the […]

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#74 Steak and stuffed mushrooms again?

As our little cooking show was ramping up for this dinner, it made me laugh because there are some similar themes to recent episodes. I guess I’m stuck in a bit of a delicious culinary rut! Episode #72 features a t-bone steak marinated with a balsamic-raspberry-chipotle marinade. Episode #74’s main course is a ribeye with […]

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Hot Kitchen Coffee Rubbed Ribeye, Potato Stuffed Mushrooms Recipe Demonstration

#74 Coffee Rubbed Ribeye

The coffee rubbed ribeye was a recipe we shared on our little cooking show. It was inspired by years of work as a Barista! In fact, if I could get my hands on a professional espresso machine, I might try adding a little ground coriander and allspice to my portafilter and pull a rich, creamy […]

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Hot Kitchen Potato Stuffed Mushrooms Recipe Demonstration

#74 Potato Stuffed Mushrooms

You are going to freak when you try these! I know we just did Greek stuffed mushrooms in episode #71, but Trazy (my hungry hubby, director, camera, producer, and soulmate) came up with a real fab idea for stuffed mushrooms. I was super slammed with work last month and asked him to cook. He had […]

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Hot Kitchen Greek Stuffed Mushrooms Recipe Demonstration

#71 Greek Lamb Kebabs with Stuffed Mushrooms and Greek Salad

Bright!  Bold!  Light!  Satisfying!  When I think of Greek food, those are the attributes that come to mind.  While designing this menu, I attempted to capture my favorite flavors of Greek family-style restaurants.  Creamy and salty feta cheese, smoky kalamata olives, loads of garlic, sweet and spicy pickled peppers, fresh oregano, fresh lemon, tender skewered […]

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Hot Kitchen Butternut Stuffed Manicotti with Hazelnut Buerre Noisette Recipe Demonstration

#70 Northwest Manicotti

So there I was the other night, looking in my pathetic empty cupboards and fridge.  So much for a hot kitchen, we had an empty kitchen and it was getting late.  I dug out what I could find and came up with half a box of manicotti, a butternut squash, and handful of hazelnuts, ground […]

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Hot Kitchen Game Hens in Chevre Dress Recipe Demonstration

#67 Game Hens, Chevre Cheese, Spaghetti Squash

Let’s make these three ingredients rock the house. A date night meal should be a departure from the norm, but it can’t break the bank, either. Game Hens are nice because each diner gets the full roasted bird experience of white meat, dark meat, and of course both of the very tender “oysters” off the […]

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